We understand that your child is everything to you and that is why family is at the core of who we are and get things done here. Your child is welcomed into our school that offers consistency, meaningful relationships with peers, parents and others. Each of our classes are designed to develop deep teaching bonds and understanding between students, parents and teachers. 

At Magnolia STEM School, we recognize the importance of our partnership with the parents of our students. We always keep our doors open and our staff is always available to work with parents on different projects. We aim to make sure that our students realize that we are a united team, and we work together with their parents for their growth and success.

We believe that a community based approach helps our students in learning beyond the classroom and create a nurturing environment for the students to grow in. Our learning model allows the parents to actively take part in their children’s education. If you have any question, idea or concern about your child, school or the learning programs, you can contact us at your convenience.

Throughout the year, we invite parents to volunteer their time, attend school celebrations, and participate in school sponsored event. 


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