Magnolia Public Schools focuses on providing a strong foundation in core content areas of science, engineering, maths and arts. The school schedule is tailored to maximize the instructional time that is provided in each of these content area. Immersed with STEM content areas, the school provides the tools that the students need to take charge of their learning. Students are free to choose the subjects they like and plan their learning schedule throughout the day and accomplish them in the activity centers.

Our classrooms are alive with inquiry, critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration. We encourage our teachers to talk less and let the students talk and think more. Lessons are prepared with a purpose to bring out the best in all students and create a culture of high achievement.

We define success based on in individual level. We know that every student have different capabilities and they need to be measured based on their own achievements. At Magnolia Public Schools, we measure knowledge and character by defining actions and self evaluations. There are student-engaged assessment practices to focus on reaching world standards and drive achievement in the areas that the student in interested in. Students assess and improve their quality of work. 


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